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80s movies, activism, ancients behaving badly, anthony bourdain, arrested development, asoiaf, badfic, bait car, barack obama, being nocturnal, ben browder, big brother, big love, big words, breaking bad, bsg, btvs, buying organic, cherry jolly ranchers, community, cosmopolitans, craft corner deathmatch, crafts, cute purses, cute shoes, damning the man, david sedaris, debating, dexter, diy, documentaries, downton abbey, eating local, engineering an empire, existential crises, fair trade, faith, fandom wank, farmer's markets, farscape, feigning intelligence, firefox, flavored vodka, frambois, friday night lights, gale harold, game of thrones, gardening, geography, ghost adventures, girly drinks, goodfic, grammar, grape tomatoes, harry potter, hbo's rome, heifer international, himym, history's mysteries, human rights, in treatment, jon stewart, jonathan coulton, joss whedon, karaoke, laziness, learning to cook, libraries, mad men, making lists, making up words, mixed cds, mocking roswell, modern family, mst3k, museums, my house, my ipod, my so-called life, my strange addiction, napping, netflix, non-fiction, office supplies, once and again, outdated lj interests, parks and recreation, pointless rambling, police chases, pomegranates, pop culture trivia, pretty icons, procrastination, progressive politics, project runway, psych, qaf, quoting tv dialogue, rachel maddow, reality tv, red meat, religion, revenge, righteous indignation, robert pattinson, roku, sarcasm, sassy girlfriends coalition, saving the empire, shameless, shameless us, shipping the b couple, singing in the car, six feet under, sojourners, south park, special comments, sports night, stephen king, storms, strawberry ice cream, sustainability, sytycd, tesl, the colbert report, the daily show, the good wife, the history channel, the huffington post, the internets, the love, the magnetic fields, the office, the onion, the soup, the walking dead, the west wing, tivo, top chef, trader joe's, trashy novels, travel, true crime, tv boyfriends, urban legends, vampire diaries, volunteerism, weeds, wikipedia, zombie apocalypse
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