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juliedarling ([personal profile] juliedarling) wrote2002-02-14 12:53 pm

Flocked! And I don't even have a pretty banner.

This journal is Friends-only. I know, it's annoying. Sorry! If you Friend me and I don't Friend you back right away, please don't be offended; I'm trying to keep my flist really small. It's nothing personal; it's just that I like having a really small flist so that everyone on it is actually a friend, and I have time to read and respond to everyone's posts.

I tend to friend people with whom I share more than one fandom, because if we only have one show in common, I fear that moment after the show is cancelled when we look at each other and go, "Do we have anything to talk about anymore?" And then we get tired of reading each other's entries, but we don't want to be bitchy and defriend, and so we leave each other on our friends lists out of courtesy. And then our flists get way too long, and we really want to defriend some people, but we don't want anyone to think it's personal, so we leave them on, and our flists get longer and longer, and we must internally struggle with defriending politics every time we look at that skip=140, and don't you hate that?

Anyway, thanks for visiting!